At Mas El Brugué we have a corral with sheep, Saler beef cows and other farm and domestic animals: donkeys, rabbits, chickens, ducks, swans, geese, peacocks, birds and more. 

The families who stay in the rural apartments of Mas El Brugué will be able to learn about the life and operation of the farm, which is run by Ramón, the owner of Mas and a farmer by profession, together with a shepherd and an assistant. Ramón, along with Pol, will show you every corner of the farm and show you how they feed and care for the animals.

We also invite you to walk among our olive trees of the Argudell variety, native to the Empordà, and from which we extract a very rich oil, and to visit our small vineyard, with which we make our own white and rosé wines. You see, we do everything!

Mas El Brugué offers you the opportunity to see first-hand the day-to-day life of a sheep farm and to have a direct and close relationship with the farmers and owners of the Mas. An enriching and highly recommended experience, especially for families, who will take advantage of and greatly enjoy both the farm and the farm's facilities and surroundings.