Visit to the Toy Museum of Catalonia in Figueres

An adventure full of surprises and good humor

In Figueres, just 13.4 kilometers from the Mas El Brugué rural tourism apartments, we can discover and enjoy the whole family of the Toy Museum of Catalonia.

The museum exhibits more than 4,000 pieces, where you will find games and toys that were played in antiquity: zootropes, mechanics, theaters, cardboard animals and horses, kitchens, balls, spinning tops, airplanes, cars, trains, dolls, puppets, magic devices, games for the blind, costumes, cut-outs, maneuvers, soldiers, robots, steam engines, bears, tricycles, scooters ...

The toys are grouped by theme, and are also accompanied by photographs from different eras of childhood with their toys, so visitors can see how it was played years ago. Each toy consists of its own explanatory sheet (name, date, manufacturer, origin, etc.), and in some cases written by well-known characters who reflect on specific playful pieces.

Some toys had belonged to characters such as Anna Maria and Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca, Joan Miró, Carles Fages de Climent, Joan Brossa, ...
It is a highly recommended activity that allows you to take a walk through the evolution of toys. They can enjoy all ages.


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