The Dalinian Triangle

Route: Mas El Brugué - Figueres - Portlligat - Castell de Púbol - return to Mas El Brugué in Terrades

The Dalinian Triangle is a route that allows you to get to know Salvador Dalí in depth, both biographically and artistically. The itinerary begins in the genius's hometown, Figueres, where the Dalí Museum Theater is located; it continues in Cadaqués, in the small town of Portlligat, where the Salvador Dalí House-Museum is located, and ends in La Pera, in the castle of Púbol.

Figueres is the capital of the Alt Empordà and a great cultural center. The Dalí Museum Theater is the main attraction from a tourist point of view, and the space where you can get to know the artist's work better. It brings together much of the painter's work: Impressionism, Futurism, Cubism and Surrealism. His production is mixed with the very creation of the building, which the artist in turn conceived as a great work of art, with interesting spaces, such as the Mae West room, the monument to Francesc Pujols, the Palau room of the Wind or the rainy Cadillac.

Cadaqués is a small fishing village in the heart of Cap de Creus. The small town of Portlligat was the peculiar place that Dalí chose to live and paint much of his work, in the current Salvador Dalí House-Museum. It is a set of fishermen's huts that the painter bought in different stages from 1930 to the seventies and was renovated and decorated during those forty years. The tour includes Dalí's workshop, library, private rooms, garden and swimming pool.

Finally, located in the municipality of La Pera, Púbol is a small town in the Baix Empordà, where Dalí bought a medieval castle from the 11th century in 1969. With this acquisition she fulfilled the promise she had made to Gala to make her queen of a castle. The Gala-Dalí Castle House-Museum in Púbol was the refuge of the painter's muse. Highlights include rooms such as the old kitchen converted into a bathroom, the piano lounge, Gala's haute couture collection, the Cadillac that belonged to the couple and the crypt where the muse was buried.


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