Mas Marcè, visit to a sheep farm

Activity for adults and children

  • Tel. +34 972 53 80 03 / +34 674 076 691 (visites granja, també whatsapp) / visites@peraladamasmarce

Mas Marcè is a sheep farm in the Empordà (Siurana d’Empordà) where cheeses and sheep’s milk annotations are made, 100% organic.

The guided tour of its facilities begins with a visit to the workshop where you can see how they make cheese and sheep’s milk annealing. From the part of the workshop (which can be seen through a glass) you go to the milking parlor, and from there to the corral where the children can see and touch small lambs.

The route continues through the fields where the sheep graze and you reach a pond where they will explain how the sewage treatment plant and the solar panels work. And back, there is a taste of 5 cheeses, annealing, yoghurt, Empordà wine, water and a slice of bread with Mas Marcè Oil.

La visita a les instal·lacions es pot fer en català, castellà i anglès, tots els dies excepte diumenges a la tarda. Advance booking is required at least 24 hours in advance and there must be at least 2 people.


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