Els Aiguamolls de l'Empordà

From Cortalet to Mas Matà, an easy and very beautiful 4 km route for children

From Cortalet, we enter the path on the right and start the route, we discover that they are the enclosures, meadows surrounded by trees that, when it rains, flood and attract many animals, mostly birds. We will also find cows and horses grazing in the open air in these meadows.

Along the way we will find different lookouts that will give us very beautiful images of the landscapes and also of the animals that we will be able to see: fallow deer, storks, flamingos, ducks, seabirds, long legs…

After a little more than two kilometers, we will reach the Matà farmhouse where there are some old rice silos. It is a must visit to go up to the Senillosa observatory, located inside a silo, we will get the best view of the area. At this point we can turn around and go back the same way we came.

The whole route is very well signposted. All the observatories and lookouts on the route are accessible to people with reduced mobility and small prams. You will find toilets both in the courtyard and next to the silos of Mas Matà.

From El Cortalet we can start routes on foot and also by bike to different areas of the wetlands.

In the parking area you will find a picnic area with wooden tables and a small bar.

The best times to observe birds are in the morning and evening, and the times when there are more species are during migration (March-May and August-October), although they can be seen all year round. interesting species.


+ info: https://aiguamollsdelemporda.cat/