Center BTT Salines - Bassegoda

Bicycle routes of different levels

The Salines-Bassegoda BTT Center is made up of a total of eighteen municipalities in the north-west of the Alt Empordà region.

The best way to get to know this very special part of the Empordà is on a bicycle, with which we can cover 33 different routes that cover almost 600 kilometers.

The routes include all kinds of itineraries, aimed at amateurs depending on their level. They can be done from short walks, ideal for family excursions, to long distance crossings, suitable for expert cyclists.

The itineraries move through the valleys of the Muga, the Arnera, the Manol and the Boadella reservoir. The Romanesque architecture of hermitages, churches and bridges rivals the prehistoric dolmens and menhirs that often surround these lands.


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