Castle of Sant Ferran in Figueres

One of the largest monuments in Catalonia

The fortress, built in the 18th century, covers an area of ​​32 hectares and has a capacity for six thousand people. It has been in military use until it was opened to the public on a regular basis in 1997 with guided tours. It is possible to visit from the different outdoor spaces to visits to the cisterns. Since the dimensions of the castle are huge, different types of visits are made:

INDIVIDUAL VISIT It is carried out following a duly signposted itinerary. (Duration between 45m and 1h). NO RESERVATION REQUIRED.

THE WATER CATHEDRAL This is an active visit in which there is a guided tour of the moat of the fortress (2,500 m) on board all-terrain vehicles. Includes a visit to the underground galleries and sailing aboard inflatables inside the Fortress cisterns. Children up to the age of three will travel in vehicles without a seat, sitting on a responsible adult and not having access to boats. They did not pay entry. The rest of the children will visit under the supervision of responsible adults and will not be able to go alone. People affected by any of these circumstances will abstain: - Difficulty staying in dark and closed places - Lack of mobility and strength in the lower and upper limbs - Being pregnant.
Duration of the visit: 1h30 - 1h45. ESSENTIAL RESERVATION ESSENTIAL (972 506 094).

NOSTALGIC SANT FERRAN This is a guided route, with all-terrain vehicles, through the moat of the Fortress. The visit is similar to The Water Cathedral but without access to the underground spaces. Duration approx .: 1:30 h. ESSENTIAL RESERVATION ESSENTIAL (972 506 094).


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