Butterfly Park in Castelló d’Empúries

A different and unique park in Catalonia, to get to know the fascinating world of butterflies

If you want to see exotic butterflies and birds, you can't miss Butterfly Park. The goal is for families, children, young and old to be able to observe all these animals in semi-freedom. As well as being able to see the life of butterflies up close, observing the four phases of their life cycle and knowing the great variety of species that exist.

Butterfly Park is home to some of the most beautiful species in the world, such as the Morpho, an electric blue butterfly, living in a 2,000 m2 tropical garden amidst lush vegetation.

We enter the greenhouse and notice the warmth, as if we were in a rainforest, we see exotic birds, which live freely and let us observe their colors and their beauty. There are parrots, lorises, amazons and eclectus among many other species. We cross a door and find exotic birds such as ibis, toucans or the largest pigeon in the world. There is a wooded outer area where we find the Muntjaks, a very curious and friendly deer from South Asia. We enter a new area through a cave where bats live, there we catch iguanas and small exotic birds, finally we arrive at the garden where butterflies live, butterflies of all kinds, of many colors, some of them fly continuously, n ' some of them eat, some of them are so still that they seem to want us to admire their great beauty and give us a chance to take amazing pictures. The visit is quick, it is done in one or two hours, depending on the time you spend in each area. Open every day of the year.


+ info: http://www.butterflypark.es