Albanyà Astronomical Observatory

The first international park with the sky without light pollution in the state

The village of Albanyà, just 12.9 kilometers from Mas El Brugué, has a fully automated astronomical observatory and has the largest telescope in the province of Girona. The facilities are located in Camping Bassegoda Park but are designed so that they can be used independently and aim to work for dissemination and scientific research. The Albany Astronomical Observatory is awarded the IDA seal, making it the first international park with no light pollution in the state.

Albanyà is surrounded by almost 100 square kilometers of forests. An exceptional situation that protects it from light pollution in nearby cities and towns and makes it one of the points in Catalonia and also in Western Europe where the sky is best seen.

One of the main activities is the astronomical baptisms, which bring the wonderful world of astronomy to groups of up to 50 people, both children and adults. During the reception, seniors can enjoy a welcome glass of cava. Then, with the help of a laser beam, visitors, including children, learn to navigate the wonderful skies of Albanyà and find the North Star. The team of astronomers will give you an audiovisual tour of the sky adapting the content of the astronomical baptism to the weather conditions of the time and time of year in which we are to make the experience as enriching as possible. You can enjoy different experiences depending on the season.

Duration: about 2 hours.

Meeting point: entrance to the Bassegoda Park campsite (in front of the reception).


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